Yugoslavia Bakery & Cafe At Katong V

First look!

Did you know that Katong has a Yugoslavian Bakery?

Yugoslavia Bakery & Cafe

30 East Coast Road #01-05 Katong V, 428751

Yugoslavia was a country in Southeast and Central Europe for most of the 20th century. Today the countries in the old Yugoslavia will be Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and others.

We ordered some traditional breads:

Kifla is a traditional yeast bread roll and is rolled and formed into a crescent before baking. This version we ordered had cinnamon and apples.

Borek or burek is a filled pastry made of a thin flaky dough with a variety of fillings, such as meat, cheese, spinach or potatoes. We ordered the beef pie version. They also had a swirl that is filled with cheese and spinach.

Their Balkan coffee is also a must try. Similar to Turkish coffee. Double shot espresso.

Rating: 9/10

Is an unique cultural exchange

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