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Valentine's Day 2022 Cheap Dining Options In Singapore

There are many bloggers offering expensive options in high end restaurants for Valentine's Day every year.

Here are my cheap options in Singapore for your consideration without lacking in quality meal with your partner/beaut.

1) Ashes Burnit


Golden Mile Food Centre: 505 Beach Rd, B1-24, Singapore 199583

Alexandra Food Village

Teck Whye: 26 Teck Whye Ln, 01-180, Singapore 680026

Opens everyday 11.30 am to 8.30pm

This halal stall sells some super good burgers. Must try their signature smash cheese burger and their mushroom truffle double cheese burger. Woah the truffle mushroom is superb as well. Their patties are so juicy too. And their secret ingredient is fried shallots in their burgers. Comes with charcoal buns


You can top up for pulled beef fries! The fries are amazingly good, thick and delicious

Burgers are priced less than $10 depending on what you order.

2) Happy Chef Western Food

465 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 191465

Close on Thurs - Sun

Open Mon - Wed 11am to 9pm

Head down to a coffee shop to have gourmet equivalent steaks and western food with your partner.

Their ribeye steak is so juicy and tender, doneness to my liking, and really makes me happy just chomping it all down. Is very substantial and for 17 is worth it. is big steak! Juicy and fatty portions too!

But if you fancy cheaper beef, there is a $10 sirloin steak version along with lamb chops below $10.

3) Hunt for tradition tin canned kopi for drinks

Your neighbourhood coffee shop

Also called “Kopi Kong”

Steps to drink it:

1) Squeeze the can a little

2) Lid pop open

3) Open the lid full to drink

4) Careful with the edges

Kopi is cheap!

4) Max's Restaurant's Halo Halo

14 Scotts Rd, 01-07, Singapore 228213

Opens 11am to 8/9pm everyday

For desserts, go for a cheap sharing option and try this Filipino specialty at Max's Restaurant.

Dessert is called Halo Halo!

"Halo Halo" means to mix together in english.

Max's sells their big portion of halo halo for $6.80 only.

Comes with yam(ube) ice cream, cheese, puddings, beans, jellies etc.

Super delicious!


5) Eddy's

538 Upper Cross St, 02-52, Singapore 050538

Hong Lim Food Centre

Opens 10.30am to 3pm, close on Saturdays and Sundays

Wow this hawker stall, you get to eat French food at cheap prices!

Eddy serves top notch and quality duck confit.

This is their best seller.

He grills the meat live infront of you

The duck meat had a crispy outer skin and the meat was tender as well.

It comes with mash and corn cob. Very delicious.

$11 for the duck confit.

If you will like a lower calories option, try their salmon fillet!

Eddy fried the salmon skin to perfection

Super delicious and well seasoned. $11 as well.

Of course there are other cheap dining options out there which are very nice as well!

You do not need to spend much to have a great "romantic" time with your partner.

Stay safe and have fun this Valentine's Day.

God bless you.

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