Traditional Ah Kong Wa Kuih At Chinatown Complex!

Woah you got to try this traditional delicacy!

Located at 335 Smith St, #02-116, Singapore 050335

Chinatown Complex Food Centre

This kuih comes from Fujian!

The uncle explained to me that the usual chee kuih that Singaporeans eat are Teo Chew kind.

But the Fujian kind, contains stuffings and is more dense that chee kuih.

Each Wa Kuih goes at $2.50!

And it will fill you up easily!

There are mushrooms and shrimp inside the Wa Kuih

Not very sure what that brown sauce is made of

The sambal chilli and the minced garlic made the whole Wa Kuih to another level!

I am very intrigued by this traditional dish!

FYI: This steamed rice cake dish, once sold by street peddlers over 50 years ago, has slowly faded out of many Singaporeans’ memories over the years.

Rating: 8/10

Must go eat!

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