The MALA craze: Long John Silver's CNY 2021 Specials

What's with the MALA craze at the moment and so close to Chinese New Year.

Firstly is the MALA shaker fries by McDonald's and now Long John Silver.

However, I wanted to post a review on Long John Silver's version because I believe it is super worth it.

Long John Silver's CNY 2021 specials:

I ordered the MALA Salmon and Dory (S$10.90).

More pictures:

What I love about it:

1) The mala sauce had the actual Szechuan peppers

2) Mala sauce had the numbness that you will get in actual Mala

3) Tasted authentic

4) The salmon was so juicy and not dry! Amazing!

5) Mala sauce went so well with the batter and fries!

6) Just right portion of sauce

7) Not oily

What can be improved:

1) More fries (HAHA)

2) More numbness and spicy level for the sauce if possible

It was really amazing and loved it so much! Way way better than Mac's shaker fries MALA powder lols. It was just a powder! And no MALA!

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God bless you!

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