Super Tze Char Rainbow Rice House

📍Rainbow Rice House

43 N Canal Rd, Singapore 059299

Do you guys know this local tze char/cai fan place tucked in between cafes?

Located right behind Maybank Kim Eng opposite the Hong Lim park!

They serve very very good tze char at affordable prices and the portion is so big!

We ordered the Hokkien mee $6 and also the Fried crispy bee hoon $6

Hokkien mee is sedap very excellent and had the wok hey. Also had that rich flavour and deeply delicious. One of the best in SG for me.

The crispy bee hoon was also delicious and portion is huge. Gravy was the star as well. Flavour punch.

Usually they open 7 am to 9.30 pm and close on Sunday.

Their economy breakfast is very good also.

Must try!


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