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Singaporeans Try Rare Penang Foods!


Longing for some authentic Penang food? You must try Penang Kitchen! They have Penang dishes that you cannot find anywhere else in Singapore!

Penang Kitchen: Penang Kitchen penang_kitchen_sg

Main branch: 5 Coronation Rd Far East Plaza branch: 14 Scotts Road 03-89 Far East Plaza, 228213 Opening Hours: Approximately 10.30am to 9pm Break Time: 3pm to 4pm Closed every Monday

Met up with Mark, Jeff and Patrick from Are You Hungry Facebook group to try out this Penang restaurant.

Ambience rating 9/10: Penang Kitchen brings you right back to Penang with pictures of Penang streets and their iconic dishes like Penang style rojak, Penang assam laksa etc. The dining area is very cozy and feels like home. You will find the boss, Aunty Stella, her daughter Shanmei and staff greeting each table and serving the food from the kitchen. Loving the vibes!

The superb food! Rating 9/10: I must say that some dishes I have never thought that they were from Penang. Also the dishes are very homecook style and taste of HOME with secret recipes Also they are cooked by Malaysians! How authentic it can be!

Among all the dishes we ordered, here are the standout dishes I loved and you must try: 1. Penang style Rojak ($9): very very delicious rojak, you will get addicted to it. The rojak has Buah Long Long fruit, rose apple, mango, cucumber, pineapple, turnip, starfruit + secret weapon : crunchy fritters. 2. Appetizer platter, Belachan Chicken Wings + Loh Bak ($15): Must try! Super delicious and the chicken wings were so fragrant. I love loh bak and likewise, addictive 3. Assam Laksa ($10): unique flavour and the soup base is superb 4. Penang Char Kway Teow ($10): check out how they cook it in the wok in the video! 5. Seafood Mee Sua Kor ($11.80): Not many local eateries, if any, serve this Penang delicacy. My personal favourite if you like mee sua! 6. Curry Kapitan with Rice ($10): I have not heard this dish before! The curry tasted really unique. A must try! 7. Buah Long Long Juice ($6): this fruit in English is called great hog plum/June plum. Penang Kitchen’s version comes with no added sugar and is super refreshing.

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