Seow Choon Hua Restaurant - Authentic Foochow Food in Singapore

SEH BAH MUI ? Foochow for "Have you eaten?"

Some of Hock Chew famous foods are red wine mee sua, or we call it Hong Zao Mian Xian. Mee Sua is a very thin variant of noodles made of rice or wheat. It typically represents longevity, long life and prosperity. Usually always eaten during Lunar New Year in our family.

In our search for our roots brought us to Seow Choon Hua Restaurant located in the Kampung Glam cluster at Sultan Gate. The place is very old school and could see how the Foochow foods are authentically made. People in the restaurant was actually wrapped Foochow style wantans. They declined to be interviewed nor to take photos.

Seow Choon Hua Restaurant

33 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198481

Opening hours: daily 10AM to 9PM

Red wine chicken soup mee sua ($5)

Foochow fishball stuffed with top quality fish meats like eel, mackerel ($5)

Wantan noodles ($4.50)

Below are pictures of the food we ordered.

The red wine mee sua was quite authentic and tasted really good, but abit too oily and the red wine taste was not strong enough in my opinion. My grandma makes it better.

The handmade Foochow fishballs were made to perfection and in a bowl of soup, they gave 6 pieces of it. The filling inside was what made it unique and delicious. Must try dish!

You can skip the wantan noodles. It just taste like Malaysian style Kolo mee kind.

Pictures of the shop:

Interestingly, the restaurant walls are lined with articles of the Foochow heritage and reviews by News outlets or bloggers. It even had a map of Fujian, the original place of the Foochow foods, where migrants brought the cuisine to Southeast Asia. You can slowly browse the articles after having your meals.

They also sell their homemade Hong Zao red wine, fermented red rice glutinous. Also called, red yeast wine residue (红糟).

Lastly, they also make and sell a Foochow specialty, Nian gao (means sticky cake, made using glutinous rice and other ingredients).

If you are Hock Chew and looking for authentic Foochow foods, do try this restaurant out.

The Hock Chew heritage is rather rare in Singapore, where predominantly Hokkiens and other dialect groups.

God bless you!

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