Jai Thai! Super Good Thai Food At Clover Way

Anyone knows of this hidden supeerrbbbb Thai Food place in the middle of nowhere?!

Introducing Jai Thai At 7 Clover Way


Opens everyday!

More fun bite size hidden foods!


I believe this restaurant is a true hidden gem as it is located in between industrial area and landed properties at Jalan Peminpin Bishan area. Of course a notable nearby school is Raffles Institute. The restaurant has been there since 1999.

Food wise, it is super worth it for a family size set meal at only $49.90 for 5 dishes! Including a substantial whole deep fried tilapia, big bowl of chilli paste tom yam soup, fried chicken strips and stir fried veges. Also, the fried crab cakes kind is super too!

Tapioca was extra $4

I would say that this restaurant’s food taste better than the likes of Nakhon Kitchen. If you like remote places on weekends and less crowded good food places, please try this place!

Hungry Lah! Must Try! 😋😋😋😋😋

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