How are buffets in Singapore doing to survive?

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

How has buffet changed in Covid19 times?

Tried the sunday dinner buffet at Edge, Pan Pacific.

First of all, there are so many plates and each portion is really miniature in size. There is no more food stations to minimize mingling. Each table has a qr code which you can order your dishes on your mobile.

I still cannot wrap my mind around paying the same price for the lesser quantity and selections. Please enlighten me.

Edge’s service was good and plates were cleared timely. Food tasted great as well. I would say better than Colony’s.

Hungry Lah! Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Swipe right for the following dishes

My top 3 picks for dishes:

1) The seafood plate, oyster so good with boston lobster

2) Thai style steam fish. The fish is so tender!

3) Icecream and choco log cake, very good selection

Notable mentions:

Thai style fried calamari, very nice

Truffle cream pasta, simply delicious

The worst dishes:

1) Grill plate: the beef was so tough and overly cooked

2) Waffles: likewise overly cooked and was very very dry

3) Cheese plate: not worth filling your tummy with it

Cost was approximately $88 SGD excluding tax per person.

Dishes I love: seafood plate

Delicious Thai style steam fish

Love the icecream options and chocolate log cake