Hidden Gem: ST Signature, A Revolutionary Co-Living Hospitality Part 1

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I am excited to write about ST Signature. This is Part 1. The Hotel Space.

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ST Signature’s mission is to uplift economy hotel stay experience by offering affordable luxury, technological and spatial innovation, and a sense of community to tech savvy travelers.

ST Signature. Live Large – Make Space for Discovery.

I certainly concur with that based on my experience with my stay at ST Signature Jalan Besar in January 2021.

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What is co-living space? It allows people to connect with each other through social interactions. ST Signature curate that for you in your stay with them.

The space:

At the first floor of the hotel, there is a Cook Lab where you can get free coffee for 24 hours as well as use the space for eating and cooking.

**Please note that at the current moment, the Cook Lab is closed due to Covid19 restrictions by the government. You still can get free coffee and water 24/7

On level 2 of the Jalan Besar location, you can find spaces titled, "Library" and "Living Room".

These spaces are opened for guests to mingle, talk or spend your time reading here.

On level 3, the Work Lab is a small co-working space and ideal for entrepreneurs to meet and have small discussion.

**However, to minimise intermingling, currently, it is not encouraged for the guests to meet F2F at the common area or crowd around.

The use of technology is excellent as well.

You can use their app to check in and check out.

Best part is, you can chat with the hotel hosts for requests and they respond very fast. In addition, you can also chat with other hotel guests as well.

However, when I tried to strike a conversation in the app, no one responded. The hotel manager told me that it could be due to the current demographics of guests.

ST Signature Jalan Besar

15 Upper Weld Rd, Singapore 207372

Stay tune for Part 2 on the hotel room.

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