Hidden Canton Food Gem In Orchard: Hua Yi Kitchen!

Hua Yi Kitchen - Brings you to Hong Kong!

360 Orchard Rd, 02-11/12 International Building, Singapore 238869

Super authentic Hong Kong style eatery that has been in Orchard Rd since 1999. Located at International building beside Isetan Shaw Was introduced by my friend and super worth it!

Mala chicken noodles at $7.50. Their mala sauce is their own recipe and very nice tasting and spicy!

We also ordered the Chicken cutlet noodles. Love the taste of the battered chicken cutlet and noodles is handmade to perfection. $7.50 also.

We went with the sesame pastry instead of the traditional red bean version. Sesame was thick and it will fill you up! $7.20

They are also famous for their dumplings.

We ordered their chive and pork dumplings that come in a set of 8 pieces for $6.80. For that price point, it was super affordable. The vinegar and ginger side they gave was high grade as well, you could taste the quality.

Unconventional Passionss Rating: Definitely MUST try

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