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Foochow Heritage - Characteristics

Do you speak English?: 汝會講英語賣?Nṳ̄ â̤ gōng Ĭng-ngṳ̄ mâ̤? [ny˧ e˥˧ kouŋ˧ iŋ˥˧ ŋy˧ ma˨˦˨]

The success of Foochow Chinese businessmen, is attributed to their industry, thrift, innovation, enterprise, resourcefulness, ambition, hard work, adaptability, and cooperative characteristics (Freedom, 1979).

The above characteristics of the men and women whose heritage is Foochow/Hock Chew, are very true. In my Hock Chew family, the members are very entrepreneurial in nature. Owning businesses, resourcefulness and very hardworking.

Story goes that my Granddad used to own a few businesses and tried a few ventures as it was in the blood and natural tendencies. Of course some businesses of his do fail while others were alright.

The Foochows are definitely a blessed group of people.

Image taken from Minqing County, Fujian, town market

Selling Chickens

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