Cheap Dong Bei Shao Kao Buffet ONLY $19.90NETT @Chinatown Food Street

Dong Bei Shao Kao@Chinatown Food Street

41 Smith Street

Opening hours: 5pm onwards

The newly renovated Chinatown Food Street saw some interesting hot pot stalls opened.

The pricing is so cheap as well starting from S$19 onwards.

We tried the Dong Bei Shao Kao.

This is a free flow hotpot/bbq buffet that includes seafood, bbq meats, veges

There are also two free flow cooked dishes: spiced chicken and spicy szechuan wantons

*Just order the wantons, the chicken was too cold for my liking.

Items we love:

Dong Bei marinated beef and lamb (so this do taste like the chuan chuan style meats), which are amazing.

Oysters to be cooked in the soup, lala clams, prawns

The soup base was very clean, not oily and very herbal. This was the best and only choice they had.

The sesame peanut sauce

Things we did not like:

The hot oil was splattering everywhere and it did hit my eye once

My bag was covered with oil splatters, it was fun though, part of the experience

Lastly, there was a line to choose your raw items and we had to take items constantly

Tip: try not to put too much oil on the bbq plate, as the oil will splatter everywhere.

For $19.90 NETT, it was very very worth it.

Hungry Lah! Rating: 4/5 stars

God Bless You!