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Best Halo Halo in SG

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I have cravings for Filipino food always ever since I visited Philippines 2 years ago.

I love all things Filipino, the people, culture and their food.

My search for good authentic Filipino food brings me to Lucky Plaza's Kabayan Restaurant. Famous among Filipinos in Singapore, I love their Halo Halo, a kind of shaved iced sweet dessert filled with different jellies and nuts at the bottom. This Halo Halo comes with ice cream on top.

Other things I ordered were Turon (crispy banana fritter) and also the amazing Ube (yam) hopia. Hopia. Hopia is a popular Indonesian and Philippine bean-filled moon cake-like pastry originally introduced by Fujianese immigrants in the urban centers of both nations around the turn of the twentieth century.

My blog emphasizes on the different cultures in Singapore and the amazing cultural melting pot. Stay tune for more.

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Halo Halo ($4)

Turon ($1)

Ube Hopia ($1): must try

Kabayan Restaurant 3rd floor Lucky Plaza

Hungry Lah! Rating: 4/5 stars

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