Amazing Fish Soup Noodles and Ang Ku Kueh at Alexandra

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Few years back when I was working at Alexandra area, I would always frequent this fish soup stall and they have super long queues during lunch time! I miss this fish soup, hence we went back to eat it again.

We went at around 9am and there was no queue.

The soup is just so amazing. The owners put some rice wine and sweet soya sauce in the soup which makes it very sweet. The soup is also boiled for several hours and made it very fragrant. They also have amazing chili sauce that has prawn paste in it. Super spicy and love the kick. They have option of fried fish or normal slice fish. The fried fish is my favourite as it is super super crispy. When it mixes with the soup, it is bombz. Interestingly, they also have other options like pig's organs soup.

Soup seriously warms your stomach in the morning. Recommended for breakfast.

Fish Soup Stall

Location: 127 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Block 127, Singapore 150127

Opening Hours: 7AM to 2PM, Close on Weekends

Hungry Lah! Rating: 5/5 stars


From the same coffee shop is also the famous ang ku kueh!

The ang ku kuehs are handmade and you can see the process in the kitchen where the stall's workers are making the kuehs. They have several flavours available.

We chose the green bean (red), black sesame (grey) and the red bean (yellow).

I personally loved the black sesame one as it has a lot of fillings in the kueh, as you can see in the picture below. The sesame is so nice and not very sweet. Red bean is my next favourite one. If you like durians, you may try their version too.

Poh Cheu Soon Kueh and Ang Ku Kueh

Location: 127 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-222, Singapore 150127

Opening Hours: 8AM to 6PM, Close on Sundays, Mondays


Hope you are staying safe out there and do connect with me!

God bless you!

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