94 year old Hock Chew Grandma's Red Wine recipe

Recipe for large portion of Hong Zao (Fuzhou Hong Zhao 福州红酒), my grandma made it in a huge wine pot:

1. 6kg glutinous rice

2. 1kg fermented red rice

3. 10 pieces yeast for alcohol

4. 1kg fermented glutinous rice 1 bottle, around 750ml, must be cold boiled water

5. Store 40 days, everyday stir once

Documented in Chinese below:

Ingredients: yeast, red rice, glutinous rice.

I remembered you could buy the yeast biscuit from Albert centre market at Level 2

For smaller portion of hong zao, portion it out accordingly.

I recalled that you will have to put the glutinous rice in layers and cover it with the yeast and red rice powder mixture on each level.

Thereafter, fermentation can begin.

I still remember two distinct dishes with Hong Zao:

1) Red wine chicken soup mee sua

2) Hong Zao braised pork belly

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